498a Quash Judgment by Supreme Court (9873540498) Men Cell Delhi

Purush Aayog

Men are being harassed by wives in India and there are no laws for men seeking purush aayog in India but due to ardent efforts of team purush aayog, there has been a rise in cases of violence by wives being reported by the husbands in Delhi and entire India

Similarly, purush aayog demands are coming from every nook and corner of India as women empowerment and resulted in the need for laws to protect men in the form of men empowerment so that men can be protected from domestic violence by girls, ladies and wives.

Every now and then, men are committing suicide in India and women lobbies by the so called women NGO's organisations have there share too in deviating men from getting purush aayog by the government in India.

Relentless efforts of people like atur chatur have helped men protect themselves from lawyers and their commission agents which are spread all over the internet so that the real need of purush aayog is achieved and success granted in formation of men cell or purush aayog mantralaya / ministry for men or say national commission for man as men too feel the pain.

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Purush Aayog Address in Delhi (9873540498) National Commission for Men 

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