when was purush aayog established in india?

Foundation Stone of Purush aayog was laid way back in 2018 and even before that in the year 2017 in the month of March preparations were started for establishment of men cell or man cell in delhi so before knowing about when was purush aayog established in india? you must know about Can a Case Under Section 498A IPC be filed after a Divorce? because there have been increasing instances where divorced man are being harassed and extorted in the absence of a pre-nuptial agreement in India and in such cases first wife gets maintenance from a husband and thereafter she goes to CAW Cells in India if she is in Delhi and husband is harassed even after divorce i.e., when he has actually become an ex husband and this is certainly not fair so the question when was purush aayog established in india? is not as much relevant for you and for the NRI's what matters most is how to file marriage visas and passport for nri's wife but is there any guarantee that she will not file a false criminal complaint against husband as an after thought, and the answer is a pre nuptial agreement or a before marriage agreement can certainly help a man in India so if you are from Agra in Uttar Pradesh then go and immediately contact the men cell in agra | india because if you have been able to register your complaint with purush aayog then you may no longer search for when was purush aayog established in india? because they may guide you the right procedure to file Complaint Against Wife in Men Cell and if you are able to get this complaint registered and subsequently a FIR is registered against wife in India then next step for a husband is to understand the complaints by the wife and if that is a civil or family dispute then start reading about how to deny allegations in a written statement because if as a husband or NRI you simply rely on an advocate and get troubled later on, then that may be disastrous for your matters as he may never tlll you the right procedure to reply to civil court cases of a wife so by now you must have understood when was purush aayog established in india? and how can it help you and if you already have a pre nuptial agreement made for you by the experts then you need not worry about validity of such prenups in india and rather concentrate on how to get divorce from wife because based on such cleverly drafted prenups you as a NRI husband may get quick divorce in six months so being from chennai if you are worried as to how to choose good advocate in madras high court then your concern is worth it, as there are false and vexatious plaint writers in India who are trying to make the life of a husband as a living hell so you must understand also as to how purush aayog helps men in india and where you fit in the scenario so that the date of establishment of purush aayog in delhi india never ever bothers you much and you sail through your life and career despite false cases on NRI husband and LOC Issues and Immigration matters stay at bay from your career, so get your prenups registered in India and abroad before it's too late.